Animating Spottie’s Heroic Journey

Super, a money-saving app known for finding deals, launched a new product called Super+, a subscription service offering exclusive features and discounts, including the ability to monitor and build credit. To help promote this exciting new service, our partners at Grafik enlisted Noble Creative Collective to animate Super’s mascot, Spottie, as a superhero in several comic book panels.

We received original artwork from the creative team at Super, and our task was to bring these illustrations to life. The challenge was to find subtle ways to add movement to each animation, making Spottie’s superhero adventures feel dynamic and engaging. We developed creative techniques to animate moving liquid, ever-flowing waves of smoke, and flames, adding depth and excitement to the comic book panels.

In addition to animating Spottie, we were also tasked with creating smooth transitions between four separate illustrations. This required some 3D trickery to make each scene seamlessly rotate into the next, ensuring a visually appealing and cohesive flow throughout the animation.

The entire process was a lot of fun, and we thoroughly enjoyed bringing the illustrations to life in subtle yet meaningful ways. The final animations effectively showcase the features of Super+ and highlight Spottie’s superhero persona, making the new service launch both memorable and engaging for users.


Illustration: Super, Grafik
Animation: Noble Creative Collective

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