Wellness Through Prevention

Animating while educating (ourselves and others)

In partnership with UC Davis Health and the gifted voiceover artist Kristen Simoes, we were given the opportunity to craft an informative and engaging nearly three-minute explainer animation. This isn’t just another medical video; it’s an accessible education tool that emphasizes the importance of colon cancer screening with Cologard.

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Our journey began by presenting various illustration styles, setting the tone for an animation that appeals to a broad audience. The storyboards were our roadmap, visualizing each step in this vital conversation.

The animation process involved the use of (our favorite tool) Rubberhose, along with other techniques to help breathe life into our characters. The result? A diverse and inclusive visual representation that resonates with UC Davis Health’s multicultural patients.

Tasked with targeting the rich tapestry of cultures within the community, we also customized the animation in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Punjabi languages. Timing and cultural nuances were meticulously aligned, ensuring an authentic connection with the audience.

This project stands as a testament to collaboration, creativity, and compassion. It’s more than just an animation; it’s a message that can impact lives. 


Illustration, Art Direction and Animation: Noble Creative Collective
Script and Voiceover: Kristen Simoes