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Health Equity Comes to Life

The Horizon Foundation is committed to empowering communities, championing policy reforms, and addressing structural racism to enhance health outcomes for all residents of Howard County and greater Maryland. Their work necessitates impactful and clear communication to effectively mobilize and engage the community. To support these efforts, Marketing for Change Co. (M4C), their communications partner, enlisted Noble Creative Collective to develop a compelling animation that would vividly communicate The Horizon Foundation’s mission.

Our collaboration with M4C began with a meticulously crafted script that captured the core messages of The Horizon Foundation. Noble Creative Collective’s role was to translate this script into a visual narrative. We started by creating a detailed storyboard that aligned with the script’s tone and message, incorporating additional art direction from the M4C team. This initial phase was crucial in ensuring that the visual elements would enhance the narrative. After a thorough review process, the storyboard was approved with minor adjustments, paving the way for the next phase.

As we moved from storyboard to animation, our team focused on sourcing the right imagery and music to bring the narrative to life. We adopted a “mixed media” style, blending various visual elements to create a dynamic and engaging animation. Using Adobe After Effects, we meticulously constructed each scene, ensuring that every visual detail aligned seamlessly with the script. This attention to detail was essential in maintaining the story’s flow and impact.

The final animation received enthusiastic approval from both M4C and The Horizon Foundation. Their feedback was instrumental in fine-tuning the project, and after addressing a few additional change requests, we completed the animation. The finished product was successfully published on The Horizon Foundation’s YouTube page, where it now serves as a powerful tool to engage the community and promote their mission of health equity and social justice. This project highlights Noble Creative Collective’s dedication to creating impactful visual content in collaboration with visionary partners.


Script & Creative Direction: Marketing for Change Co.
Storyboard, Art Direction and Animation: Noble Creative Collective

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