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From playful web animations to Super Bowl LVI

The Noble team had the opportunity to work closely with our pals at Grafik on a series of exciting projects for their client, Super. One such project was bringing Spottie, Super’s mascot, to life. We utilized our favorite animation tool, After Effects, to put Spottie in motion.

One of the most thrilling undertakings was creating a special animation for Super Bowl LVI, showcasing Spottie showing off his football skills! This animation had its moment in the spotlight, airing during the Super Bowl in local Chicago markets.

Super in Motion

The fun didn’t stop there, though. Following the client’s vision, we also had the chance to work on animating a series of Super’s custom illustrations. These were designed to perfectly fit into Super’s social media and app interfaces, adding an extra level of interactivity for users.

We’re really proud of the work we’ve done in partnership with Grafik and Super, including our Super Bowl contribution. It’s always a rewarding experience to help transform client ideas into tangible, engaging realities.


Illustration: Super
Art Direction: Grafik
Animation: Noble Creative Collective
Sound Design: Kin Wong

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