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Creative Support for Heavy Hearts

Behavioral Health System Baltimore (BHSB) is dedicated to supporting individuals facing mental health and substance use challenges in the Baltimore area. To promote their 988 helpline, which offers vital support for those experiencing burdensome challenges, BHSB aimed to reach older men who often struggle to ask for help or share their feelings.

Marketing for Change Co. (M4C) solicited Noble Creative Collective to bring this vision to life through an impactful animation. M4C proposed representing life’s burdens as a heavy barbell that a person is struggling to hold up, a powerful metaphor to resonate with the target audience. With this idea in mind, M4C asked Noble to develop a storyboard that would visually capture this concept and align with the style of previous materials.

Utilizing a “mixed media” style, we combined real photographs of a person’s head, torso, shoes, and shorts with Rubberhose animations for the character’s limbs. We enhanced 2D elements like the barbell with textures to add depth and realism. Rubberhose allowed us the flexibility to create semi-realistic movements, effectively portraying the character buckling under the weight of the barbell, while maintaining a distinct and engaging style.

One of the biggest challenges was sourcing stock photography of the same model with various expressions of pain and discomfort. After extensive searching, we found a model that fit perfectly, enabling the animation to come together in a cohesive and relatable way. The final animation effectively communicates the weight of emotional challenges and encourages older men to seek support through the 988 helpline, fulfilling BHSB’s mission to provide accessible mental health resources.


Script, Storyboard and Art Direction: Marketing for Change Co.
Art Direction and Animation: Noble Creative Collective

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