Encouraging COVID Safety

Simplified Explanations
for Tough Conversations

The year 2020 saw the beginning of an unprecedented global pandemic, and solutions proposed by the CDC have been met with resistance ever since. Americares is a non-profit organization focused on helping to improve the health of individuals affected by “poverty, disaster or crisis.” Americares sought to develop a series of explainer videos for healthcare workers, coaching them on how best to respond to vaccine-averse patients in a positive way.

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Built from Scratch

We partnered with Marketing for Change Co. to develop these explainer videos. They provided storyboards, scripts, voiceovers and feedback as we executed the animations themselves. As each video included a variety of illustrations and actions, we catered our approach to each individual animation. Some human characters, for example, required rigging 3D head turns and expression changes, while other moments in the videos required character body rigs, masking effects and physics-based interactions.

Noble completed four explainer videos for Americares, each with Spanish translations, and a couple of additional videos with custom-made captions, totally ten videos altogether. All eight videos are now publicly viewable on Americares’ YouTube page.


Illustration, Storyboarding and Script: Marketing for Change Co.
Animation: Noble Creative Collective