Behavioral Health System Baltimore

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Delicately addressing the difficult topic of mental health

Under the creative direction of Marketing for Change Co., Noble Creative Collective produced a series of three animations, each addressing various facets of mental health challenges.

Each animation employs distinct visual metaphors to illustrate the impact of life’s burdens and obstacles on mental well-being. Technically, each animation presented its own set of challenges, particularly in achieving physics-based movement. Whether it involved accurately portraying the lift of a kettlebell as its parachute deployed or intricately rendering the descent of raindrops at varying speeds, each animation posed a captivating and technically demanding task.

The most notable technical feat was the depiction of juggling, which demanded precise timing and lifelike movement to convey convincingly realistic juggling.

This collaborative effort between Marketing for Change and Noble Creative Collective was recognized with a Silver ADDY award in Baltimore, affirming our commitment to creative excellence and impactful storytelling.


Illustration: Noble Creative Collective
Art Direction: Marketing for Change Co.
Animation: Noble Creative Collective
Sound Design: Kin Wong

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