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No puppies were harmed in the making of this animation

Noble recently collaborated with our friends at Marketing for Change Co. to develop an animation highlighting the dangers of distracted driving. The goal was to make viewers aware that this common behavior can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences, especially for unsuspecting bystanders. The animation was created using Adobe After Effects, with the Rubberhose plugin being used to animate the characters, which were designed in a style consistent with the non-profit organization’s established aesthetic.

Each character and asset was created from scratch to set the scene of a dangerous drive down a seemingly empty country road.

The finished product is a somewhat humorous, but effective demonstration of the risks of distracted driving. Through the use of stylized yet simple illustrated characters, this animation lightens the emotional weight of such a heavy topic, while still driving home the importance of focused driving.


Illustration: Noble Creative Collective
Art Direction: Marketing for Change Co.
Animation: Noble Creative Collective
Sound Design: Kin Wong

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