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Putting the Wind in a Podcast's Sails

Doberman Emergency Management helps organizations prepare for destructive natural disasters. Doberman’s CEO, John Scardena, started a podcast called Disaster Tough, where he discusses industry tips and swaps stories with other emergency managers from around the world. In 2021, John had another project in the works that had more of a light-hearted nature: Movie AAR (After-Action Report), a podcast that comedically breaks down the response of natural disasters in movies. John had everything ready to go, he just needed a logo and an intro animation. That’s where we came in.

Avaste, ye Listeners

Noble began by developing the logo for Movie AAR. John mentioned that he liked the idea of the logo incorporating some sort of pirate element (given the fact that “AAR” looks like a phonetic spelling of a pirate’s “Arrrr!” cry). We followed our standard logo development process, starting with sketches, and ultimately landed on a logo that combines “ship-in-a-bottle” imagery with a vintage 35mm movie camera.

Once the logo was approved by all stakeholders, we began developing a storyboard. We aimed for simplicity with the animation, while retaining an element of the podcast’s fun nature. The chaotic storm depicted in the logo itself also made for an obvious translation into animation.

Animating Up a Storm

When we moved into the animation stage, we wanted to capture a sense of depth, with different elements animating at varying (virtual) distances, and the entire scene containing a sort of parallax effect within the bottle itself.

The client was thrilled with the final product, and is currently using the animation, along with custom-made transitions, in their video podcast episodes on YouTube.


Branding, Art Direction and Animation: Noble Creative Collective
Sound Design: Kin Wong

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