Data Monitoring in Motion

Complex processes explained in a simple, visual way.

In collaboration with our friends at Grafik, Noble recently delivered an animation project for Anomalo, an automated data quality monitoring service employed by renowned companies such as BuzzFeed and Discover Card. Grafik supplied the storyboard, and we were tasked with the animation. The goal was to create an engaging visual representation of Anomalo’s product that effectively highlighted its key features.

Play Video

The resulting video is a playful and dynamic animation that encapsulates the essence of Anomalo’s product. The animation uses a lively visual style to mirror the product’s innovative approach to data quality monitoring, making complex functionalities approachable and interesting. After prompt approval, the video has been made available on the company’s official YouTube page. This project signifies our commitment to delivering unique and effective motion graphics that align with our clients’ vision and resonate with their audience.


Illustration and Art Direction: Grafik
Animation: Noble Creative Collective