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Animating the Fast Lane to Safety

Our partners at Marketing for Change Co. (M4C) enlisted Noble Creative Collective to help complete a project for the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX). The goal was to create an animation promoting safe driving and educating viewers on the rules of the road. M4C provided rough storyboards and art direction, giving us a solid foundation to build upon and ensuring the final product would be both informative and engaging.

Noble took on the task of sourcing overhead images of cars and roads to create custom simulations of traffic maneuvers. This aspect of the project was particularly enjoyable for our team, as the nuanced movements of cars and simulating speed presented a unique challenge. We worked diligently to ensure that the animations accurately represented real-life driving scenarios, making the educational content both relatable and realistic.

In addition to the traffic simulations, we employed clever animation techniques to create an endless road effect. This allowed us to depict various traffic scenarios without the constraints of a fixed scene length. Our team enjoyed the creative problem-solving involved in this project, finding innovative ways to illustrate safe driving practices effectively.

The final animation is currently featured on CFX’s Instagram page, providing an engaging and accessible way to promote safe driving. It has been well-received by viewers, serving as an effective tool for educating the public on the importance of following traffic rules and driving safely.


Script: Marketing for Change Co.
Script, Storyboard, Art Direction and Animation: Noble Creative Collective

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