Animated Reality

Merging Animation with Still Photography

At the start of the pandemic, one of our partners’ clients began holding their staff events virtually, therefore necessitating interactive collateral, including original animations. These animations are used as Zoom backgrounds, speaker introductions and waiting room countdowns.

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In 2021, Noble – in conjunction with Grafik, Emily Baker-Slama, and Hans Bennewitz – helped develop animations for this client’s annual holiday event. Grafik had a specific idea for the main animation in mind: two-dimensional characters (illustrated by Hans) interacting with and residing in actual photographed locations.

Noble started by breaking each character into individual vector pieces. We then rigged their limbs for semi-natural movements, animated their features and added reflections and shadows to match each scene’s environment. For an added touch, we also added subtle camera movement, as if a handheld camera were filming the scene.

We ultimately created five distinct scenes with various characters, and even did some minor sound design (including a remixed music track).


Illustration: Emily Baker-Slama, Hans Bennewitz
Art Direction: Grafik
Animation: Noble Creative Collective