Selling Big Ideas

Selling Big Ideas Garnering faith in new products We collaborated with a global organization to create an internal promotional animation that would help them make a push for an underperforming product line. Noble suggested a mixed-media illustration style to accommodate a script that referenced several real-world product examples. We also suggested the incorporation of crumpled-up… Continue reading Selling Big Ideas

Waste Not

Waste Not Visualizing Better Waste Management The team behind WATS, a digital waste management platform, was looking for ways to introduce and promote their product to new customers. Noble took them through our full process, from storyboarding to final animations, to develop completed promo videos for use on their website (and beyond). Similar Projects

Inclusive Motion

Inclusive Motion Impact Through Subtlety We worked with our partners over at Grafik on intro and outro animations for their client’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training. Illustrations by the talented Hans Bennewitz were provided to our team, and we added subtle animations (like head nods and hand motions) to give the characters a bit of… Continue reading Inclusive Motion

11 Warning Signs of a Challenging Client

Stressed male employee rubbing eyes while sitting at table with laptop and working overtime in office

Whether you’re just starting in the design world or are a seasoned vet, every once in a while, the temptation to be a good person distracts us from seeing warning signs in challenging clients. It happens to the best of us! We at Noble are even guilty of it: a client says they don’t have… Continue reading 11 Warning Signs of a Challenging Client


MisQuoted™– A Card Game Imagine if some of the most distinguished figures throughout history were attributed to some of the most uncharacteristically outrageous quotes. That’s the simple premise of MisQuoted, an original card game thought up and designed by Noble’s own Landon Lee. While the game is still a work-in-progress, Landon’s hope is that it… Continue reading MisQuoted


We like to follow the wise words of the Dalai Lama: “Share your knowledge.” Over on our YouTube channel, we do just that; share useful tips and tricks that we’ve picked up along our (ongoing) journey in the world of motion graphics. Although we’ve only got one tutorial so far, we’re cooking up many more,… Continue reading Tutorials

Promoting Wellness

Promoting Wellness Fast-Paced Fitness Fun Fitness blogger, personal trainer and nutritionist, Stacey Ring, has a blossoming lifestyle brand. In 2021, she decided to kick off a new subscription service that allows her to directly interact with her clients, and provide them with personalized health plans. All Stacey needed next were some promotional videos to get… Continue reading Promoting Wellness

Disaster Relief

A New Podcast Sets Sail Putting the Wind in a Podcast’s Sails Doberman Emergency Management helps organizations prepare for destructive natural disasters. Doberman’s CEO, John Scardena, started a podcast called Disaster Tough, where he discusses industry tips and swaps stories with other emergency managers from around the world. In 2021, John had another project in… Continue reading Disaster Relief

Donation Animation

Donation Animation Soliciting volunteers with fun explainers As a member of Feeding America, Placer Food Bank (PFB) collects and distributes food to those in need within El Dorado, Nevada and Placer Counties. PFB is always in need of more volunteers – especially in this tough job economy – and wanted to have some recruitment and training… Continue reading Donation Animation

Pipe Work

Pipework Animating a Cautionary Tale Noble’s partners at Marketing for Change had an urgent need for an animation for the Tampa Bay Estuary Program’s (TBEP) “Pipe Up” initiative; a call to Tampa Bay homeowners to have a camera scope inspection conducted on their property to help protect their sewer lines, and “keep poop in its… Continue reading Pipe Work