How The Biggest Companies In The World Are Using Motion Graphics

Big names like Apple, Google, and Tesla aren’t just revolutionizing technology; they’re doing so while utilizing motion graphics. Big brands invest in motion graphics not just because they look cool, but because they help in simplifying complex messages and engaging audiences in a way that static images or text just can’t match. In short, the positive impact of motion graphics on user engagement and brand storytelling is something many companies swear by.

Apple, for instance, loves a good animation splash on their product launches. It’s not just eye candy; it’s strategic storytelling. Take Apple’s most recent ad promoting its carbon neutral status. Those slick animations are Apple’s way of showing that it’s still a human-centric company while communicating a complex idea simply.

Over at Google, they use motion graphics to simplify complex algorithms in their Google Doodles and search engine explainers. Like this Google promo introducing the updated Google Workspace experience.  It’s an effective and exciting way of showcasing their suite of products without a boring lecture.

And let’s not forget Tesla. While Elon is busy tweeting (or…x’ing?) up a storm, Tesla’s design team is turning complex car mechanics into smooth, easy-to-understand animations. The goal? To make you feel like driving a Tesla is as easy as riding a tricycle—but with way better mileage, obviously.

So what’s the takeaway here? For big companies, motion graphics aren’t just window dressing; they’re a potent tool for communication, education, and, yes, world domination (well, market domination, at least).

If motion graphics are making such an impact on these big companies, imagine what it could do for your local audience. Our team is experienced in guiding you through the motion graphics process. So what do you say, ready to make an impact?

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