Cards of All Kind

Normalizing diversity

Ruby Rae Society is an online shop that sells educational gifts and games that focus on underrepresented children. Their products encourage children to confidently embrace their individuality, and promote curiosity and inclusivity.

Illustrations Brought to Life

Noble collaborated with Ruby Rae Society to develop multiple short animations for their social media profiles, but we particularly enjoyed working on one project: animated versions of Ruby Rae Society’s “Brains & Beauty” matching game cards. Each card was illustrated by the incredibly talented Nina Mata, and we had the great honor of bringing them to life.

We were given free reign with this project to animate each of the 18 character however we thought best, so we considered each character’s context before animating, along with the “props” and pieces we had to work with from the original illustrations. Each illustration gave us the opportunity to animate a unique motion for each character, based on their name and action.

We loved working with Ruby Rae Society, and wholeheartedly endorse their mission to normalize diversity through early childhood education.


Illustration: Nina Mata
Animation: Noble Creative Collective