Promoting Wellness

Fitness Fun

Fitness blogger, personal trainer and nutritionist, Stacey Ring, has a blossoming lifestyle brand. In 2021, she decided to kick off a new subscription service that allows her to directly interact with her clients, and provide them with personalized health plans. All Stacey needed next were some promotional videos to get the word out, and she turned to Noble to help get the job done.

Stacey wanted these videos to populate her social media feed. We worked closely with Stacey to help develop the messaging that she wanted to get out to her followers. After some fine-tuning, Noble then developed a series of storyboards based on this messaging. We determined that including voiceovers wasn’t possible for this project, so we opted to communicate the messaging strictly via text on screen.

Working out a new look

A unique look was soon developed, incorporating colors and photography from Stacey’s website and social media, for consistency and future brand recognition. We designed this series of videos to be fast-paced and exciting, as these are qualities that are often associated with fitness and wellness. We also chose a unique music track that felt appropriately exciting and punchy, without sounding cliché.