Destination: Zero

A Green Future
in Progress

In 2018, Electrify America, an initiative to help reduce carbon emissions, launched “Sac to Zero” in an effort to eliminate Sacramento’s harmful emissions. They partnered with the City of Sacramento and Regional Transit to help build an electric vehicle charging infrastructure, turn “gas guzzlers” into energy efficient vehicles, and provide car-sharing programs to locals.

JSR Strategies sought to help Sac to Zero showcase their progress in achieving these goals, and partnered with Noble to do so using motion graphics. The only catch was that they needed a completed video in a few days.

Fast-Tracked Process

We started by collecting copy points that JSR wanted to highlight in the video, along with specific imagery that they had in mind to pair with those copy points. We then sketched out a  (really rough) storyboard to ensure that Noble and JSR were aligned on the (quickly developing) plan for execution. Once we confirmed the direction to move forward, we designed detailed storyboard thumbnails based on the Electrify America brand, and paired the thumbnails with the copy that we were provided with.

Crossing the Finish Line

After the storyboard was approved, we used the storyboard’s graphics as the foundation for the animation itself. Given the statistic-driven nature of this concept, we wanted it to feel punchy, fun and energetic (no pun intended). Through the use of bright colors, unique music and a quicker framerate, we were able to accomplish that.