Animating a Cautionary Tale

Noble’s partners at Marketing for Change had an urgent need for an animation for the Tampa Bay Estuary Program’s (TBEP) “Pipe Up” initiative; a call to Tampa Bay homeowners to have a camera scope inspection conducted on their property to help protect their sewer lines, and “keep poop in its place.”

Not Just a Pipe Dream

Despite a rapid turnaround time, Noble was eager to jump in and help bring this commercial across the finish line. Storyboards, illustration assets and a voiceover were teed up for Noble to move forward with animating this commercial. Marketing for Change noted that they were looking for a hand-drawn / stop-motion animation style, so we used a combination of techniques to accomplish this.

TBEP and Marketing for Changer were pleased with the final result, and the animation is now publicly accessible on TBEP’s YouTube page, and has accumulated over 300,000 views.