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Visual Support for Emotional Well-being

In collaboration with Marketing for Change Co. (M4C), Noble Creative Collective worked on an impactful project for the Minnesota Department of Health, promoting their 988 helpline. This essential service offers emotional support for individuals feeling down, providing a lifeline for those in need.

M4C led the storyboarding process for this project, creating a narrative centered around a non-human character facing various life challenges. The video was set against a cold backdrop, reflecting the harsh climate experienced by Minnesota residents. This setting not only provided visual authenticity but also symbolized the emotional struggles addressed by the 988 helpline.

Once the storyboard received approval from the client, Noble Creative Collective quickly moved into action, designing assets and building the animation. Our team worked efficiently to meet the project deadlines, collaborating closely with M4C. One of the highlights of our efforts was a fun bottle magnification effect, which ultimately didn’t make the cut, but still served as a great learning opportunity.

After several iterations and refinements, we finalized the animation, ensuring it effectively conveyed the support and hope offered by the 988 helpline.

The final animation, showcased above, is a testament to the power of collaboration and creative storytelling. It stands as a valuable tool in raising awareness about the 988 helpline, highlighting its importance in providing emotional support to those who need it most. 


Script & Creative Direction: Marketing for Change Co.
Storyboard, Art Direction and Animation: Noble Creative Collective

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