Wheel in Motion

Sowing seeds of legacy

Inherit Learning Company (ILC), founded by business consultant Nicole Walters, provides training solutions for entrepreneurs. ILC aims to “create legacy builders,” by educating entrepreneurs on how to break out of the endless cycle of the 9-to-5, and sow seeds for a more rewarding and successful future. This is the story we helped bring to life through motion.

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Rolling with a Vision

ILC approached us with a storyboard and an idea for an animation that would live on their website as an interactive experience. The vision was to have a Ferris wheel with dots spin out of control, then break off its hinges and bounce, with the dots and wheel spokes flying off chaotically. Some of those dots would sink into the floor like seeds, with plants sprouting up from them. The animation would end with the camera zooming into the sun on a distant horizon.

Beauty in Chaos

By utilizing physics-based animations, we were able to create realistic interactions between the dots, spokes, and the ground. When the wheel flies off its hinges, the dots and spokes accurately collapse, bounce and fold onto one another. We worked closely with ILC to ensure that the timing and minutiae of the animation was exactly how they envisioned it, giving our recommendations along the way.

Although ILC has not yet utilized this animation as an interactive web experience, they were very happy with the results of the animation, as were we.


Art Direction: Inherit Learning Company
Animation: Noble Creative Collective