Flow Motion

Psychedelic 70s-inspired Swirls

At the start of the pandemic, one of our partners’ clients began holding their staff events virtually, therefore necessitating interactive collateral, including original animations. These animations are used as Zoom backgrounds, speaker introductions and waiting room countdowns.

In 2020, Noble – in conjunction with Grafik – helped develop animations for this client’s annual summer event. Grafik had a specific idea for the main animation in mind: a groovy, psychedelic lava lamp-esque swirling background with 70s-inspired typography.

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A New Groove

Noble hadn’t seen a technique (that we liked) for such an animation, so we invented one! Using a combination of effects, we created a mixed paint, psychedelic “swirling” effect. We then layered VHS-style effects – like slide shaking, fuzziness and RGB splitting – on top of that to add to the nostalgic 70s-era vibe.

The client was thrilled with the end result, and multiple variations of the swirling background were ultimately created for various speakers, vendors and the event’s promotion.


Art Direction: Grafik
Animation: Noble Creative Collective