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A New Podcast Brand, Illuminated

Noble recently had the pleasure of reimagining the brand identity for EM Weekly, a popular podcast where emergency managers unwind and engage in lively discussions about their professional experiences. The client sought a distinctive new look that captured the essence of their podcast – a relaxed and informal conversation among professionals, akin to an after-conference gathering at a hotel bar.

Keeping the client’s vision at the forefront, we developed several design concepts, including the proposed neon sign. After careful consideration, the client decided on the neon sign design, feeling that it accurately represented the informal and conversational nature of their podcast.

Happy with the new logo, the client further asked us to create an animation to demonstrate the transition from the old brand to the new. We created a sequence where the old cover is revealed to be a combination of props on a studio set as it’s shutting down, followed by the vibrant neon sign of the new logo flickering on.

This project allowed us to delve into a unique concept and collaborate closely with the client, reinforcing the importance of aligning design with the ethos of the brand. Noble is proud to have been part of EM Weekly’s brand transformation journey.


Branding, Art Direction and Animation: Noble Creative Collective

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