Cybersecurity Scenarios

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Our partners at Marketing for Change Co solicited our help in developing a multi-part narrative for an information technology company. This client was seeking educational “choose your own adventure” style animations about a cybersecurity threat. The animations would comprise three separate responses to the threat, along with their outcomes.

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Long(-ish) Form Narrative

Clocking in at around seven minutes of continuous animation (in total), this set of animations was Noble’s largest undertaking to date. We rigged eight total characters’ faces and limbs, animated seven unique backgrounds, and set up day and night lighting scenarios for most of those backgrounds.

Having a Field Day

Marketing for Change provided us with the art direction, script, voiceovers and oversight, while we helped build environments, characters and props. We then proceeded to rig all characters, and animate each of the scenes. The final step was doing sound design for each scene, including adding sound effects and ambient sounds, effecting voiceovers and ensuring timing was just right.


Illustration and Art Direction: Marketing for Change Co.
Animation and Sound Design: Noble Creative Collective