MisQuoted™– A Card Game Imagine if some of the most distinguished figures throughout history were attributed to some of the most uncharacteristically outrageous quotes. That’s the simple premise of MisQuoted, an original card game thought up and designed by Noble’s own Landon Lee. While the game is still a work-in-progress, Landon’s hope is that it… Continue reading MisQuoted


We like to follow the wise words of the Dalai Lama: “Share your knowledge.” Over on our YouTube channel, we do just that; share useful tips and tricks that we’ve picked up along our (ongoing) journey in the world of motion graphics. Although we’ve only got one tutorial so far, we’re cooking up many more,… Continue reading Tutorials

After 5 Podcast

Former co-workers and current buds, Hans and Landon, catch up on all things TV, movies, music and video games after work. Prepare your ears for lots of nerd talk, unsolicited opinions and dad jokes. Check It Out