The Future of Mobility

Dreams Made Possible

The California Mobility Center (CMC) helps coordinate collaborations between early-stage future mobility companies and industry-leading professionals. In layman’s terms, they help to facilitate relationships between burgeoning transportation businesses, who are developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the future, with industry professionals who can help bring their ideas to market.

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Make and model

The CMC wanted a digestible animation that would explain who they are and what they offer. We worked closely with our partners at Franklin Pictures to guide CMC through our strategic animation process, from concept to execution. We started this process at a very high level, reviewing stylistic choices with the client. After sketching out a few looks, CMC was having some challenges with our recommended style, so we presented a few collages of various art styles out in the world. Ultimately, the client landed on a general look, and we proceeded to develop a storyboard with the provided feedback in mind.

Given the subject matter, we wanted to give the animation plenty of motion, smooth transitions and design it to incorporate camera footage. CMC also requested to keep the color palette limited to their brand colors, so we used this as an opportunity to convey diversity in the characters (mostly through the use of uncommon hair colors). After a few adjustments, we received their stamp of approval on the storyboard, and proceeded to the animation stage.

Ready to Hit the Road

The final product was well-received, and the client later requested several cut-down versions of the video for use on social media. The final explainer video is currently featured on the CMC YouTube page.


Illustration, Art Direction and Animation: Noble Creative Collective
Sound Design: Franklin Pictures